Plastic Bottle Cap Mould

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The structure of the cap

The inner test of the bottle cap is a section of thread, its role is to fill the bottle in the process of contents, there will be contents remaining in the bottle, in order to wash convenient after filling, and in the process of opening the lid to let the bottle part of the gas through the gap discharge, so that when unscrewing the lid, the bottle cap will not fly off wounding, the lid will not fall on the ground dirty. Under the bottle cap there is a small circle called a one-time break anti-theft ring, unscrew the lid anti-theft ring will fall off and stay on the bottle, this device is for safety and health, if the anti-theft ring off is not connected with the bottle cap, it indicates that it has been used is no longer safe and sanitary. There are also many non-slip grooves along the outer edge of the cap, which is convenient for increasing friction when opening the cap.

Plastic cap manufacturing has injection molding process and pressure plastic process

Pressure plastic bottle cap production technology

The pressure plastic bottle cap has no traces of material opening, which looks more beautiful. The processing temperature is low, and the size of the bottle cap is more accurate. The mixed material is put into the press molding machine, the material is heated to about 170 degrees Celsius in the machine into a semi-plasticized state, and the 

material is quantitatively extruded into the mold.

Injection molding process of injection cap

Plastic Bottle Cap Mould has a large volume and is troublesome to replace. It requires greater pressure to create multiple bottle caps per mold for injection molding, and the heating temperature of the material is higher, so the energy consumption is higher than that of compression molding.

Put the mixed material into the injection molding machine, heat the material to about 230 degrees Celsius in the machine, turn it into a semi-plasticized state, inject it into the Plastic Bottle Cap Mould cavity through pressure, and cool it for shaping. The Plastic Bottle Cap Mould rotates counterclockwise and pushes the cap out under the action of the push plate to realize the automatic fall off of the cap. The screw rotation can ensure the complete forming of the whole thread, which can effectively avoid the deformation and scratch of the cap. The cap is fastened to the mouth of the bottle by matching with the mouth of the bottle, to prevent the leakage of the contents of the bottle, as well as the invasion of external bacteria. After the bottle cap is tightened, the bottle mouth goes deep into the top of the bottle cap to the sealing pad. The inner measuring groove of the bottle mouth is in close contact with the screw thread of the bottle cap to provide pressure for the sealing surface. Several sealing structures can effectively avoid the leakage or deterioration of the material in the bottle.

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