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Here are some useful Plate racks

The first plastic Plate Rack is composed of two pieces

The great thing about this Plate Rack is that it's cheap! Obviously, the plastic is not strong, or I wouldn't have bought a second one soon enough, and it has a small capacity. 

Then there's the fact that when I wash the dishes, water spills onto the countertop, which is the bottom of the basket, and not only do I have to rinse the basket a lot, but I also have to clean the countertop a lot, which is a lot of trouble to move around, so I recommend the next one that sticks to the wall.

The second nail-free Plate Rack is called plate rack

This time, in order to avoid repeatedly cleaning the table, I simply chose to hang on the wall of the drain rack, I chose the nail free glue model, have to admire the strong nail free glue, only two sticks on the left and right sides can firmly support a wall of plates and bowls. I've had it for four years and it's very sturdy. It sticks to the wall and never drops the chain. The space for the plates and bowls is big enough and there's a water board underneath each one. And you can combine them according to your needs. The downside is that it takes up space. It takes up a whole wall and makes the kitchen look messy. Actually, I didn't think much of it at first, maybe I just got used to it, until I took it down once and cleaned it, and when I took it down, I realized, wow, the kitchen is so bright without it! Anyway, it works, but I want to change it! In fact, I think this is really good to use, the plate, the bowl has its own fixed place, and the knife also has a place to put, is the place to put the chopping board is not very good, the position of the chopping board is a little small, so I chopping board is separate with the chopping board bracket.

The third Plate Rack is a three-layer plate

When I bought it, I thought it could be used from top to bottom, and it had a knife holder, cutting board holder and chopstick cage. The chopstick cage looks small enough to hold, and the holes under it are really good. The holes are small, many and dense, so that the chopsticks will not fall down, but also can drain water and breathe.

The fourth collapsible Plate Rack is a new version

This one can be placed directly on the counter or hung on the wall. Large plates can fit in, and can be firmly upright. Put the lid is OK, the middle layer can be put freely, storage space is large. The bottom bowl, you can put two rows side by side. The inner row can also be used for cups or as a flat layer. Three layers stacked do not take up too much space, each layer is equipped with a separate water tray, convenient cleaning, folding free installation design is our hand the party's Gospel. The shelf is very thick, you can tell at a glance that it's super quality, the shelf is very stable, I can put it arbitrarily, I don't have to worry about it will flip over or something, and it's very fit, but it doesn't take up space. Very practical. Super recommended!

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