Household Dish Rack purchase common sense

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In daily life, ordinary families use a large number of tableware and utensils, and bad placement will make the whole space appear messy. In addition, for the ventilation and drying of tableware such as dishes, it is necessary to use Dish Rack. Many friends will buy Dish Rack to store these tableware. The purchase of drain rack seems simple, but there are many details that need to be paid attention to. So, how do we choose suitable for their home kitchen drain rack? Here are some tips on how to buy a Dish Rack for your home.

The size of Dish Rack is more closely related to the population. For a large population at home, it is recommended to choose a large capacity, lengthened and widened dish holder. If the population is smaller and the supplies used are not many phones, you can choose small capacity, so as not to occupy too much space in the kitchen. When selecting Dish Rack, we should pay attention to the part of dish rack. It is suggested to choose a deeper one, so that the dish will not slip off easily and it is relatively safe to use. 

But some shelves can be shallow, and if you put the dishes down with water, it's easy to slide down and cause damage. In addition, the humanized design is also very important, tableware plate deflector portable design, can be subtly adjusted according to the sink position of the deflector directly plastic water plate, humanized design, easy to export water, kitchen more dry health.

Step 1: Material

The material used in the kitchen rack is more critical, because it has a long time to contact with water, vinegar, alkali and other substances. Generally speaking, it is better for household Dish Rack to use SUS304 stainless steel or chrome plated low carbon steel material, which can prevent rust, have a certain acid resistance (avoid vinegar accidentally spilled on the corrosion shelf), alkali resistance, more convenient in cleaning, wipe with a soft cloth, and we will use for a long time. Especially electroplated low carbon steel dish rack, beautiful color, not easy to scratch, fashion design, seiko fine, buckle tightly, strong corrosion resistance, is not easy to rust, and low carbon steel material cost is relatively low, strong and durable, cost-effective is better than stainless steel material.

Step 2: Capacity

The size of Dish Rack is more closely related to the population. For a large population in the home, it is recommended to choose a large capacity. The population is smaller, the use of supplies is not much, you can choose small capacity, so as not to occupy too much space. Large capacity design, multifunctional storage accessories, dishes, bowls and chopsticks can be easily stored.

Step 3: Easy loading and unloading

In the kitchen, there are a variety of different tableware, such as chopsticks, cups, plates, bowls, their use of accessories will be different, if you can freely and easily installed and disassembled, to a large extent can meet our different needs.

Step 4: Hangability

The use of spatula, spoon with these items are not suitable for placing, for these special tableware, it is recommended to choose the hanging accessories of the water rack, is more appropriate.

Dish Rack Not only varies greatly in design style, but also does much more than simply store dishes. Many brands also have the ability to hang scoops and spoons. Multifunctional storage design, according to the category of place tableware, at a glance, more convenient place and access, effectively keep the kitchen clean. When choosing a Dish Rack, remember to consider its function and how many dishes it will hold. It's a good choice.

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